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Charles Darwin's letter to Jean-Henri Fabre of January 31, 1880
Charles Darwin's letter to Jean-Henri Fabre of February 20, 1880
Charles Darwin's letter of January 21, 1881
Charles Darwin's letter to G.J. Romanes of April 16, 1881

Bramble-Bees And Others

The Osmiae
The Distribution of the Sexes
The Mother Decides the Sex of the egg
Permutations of Sex
Instinct and Discernment
Economy of Energy
The Leaf-Cutters
The Cotton-Bees
The Resin-Bees
The Poison of the Bee
The Halicti: a Parasite
The Halicti: the Portress
The Halicti: Parthenogenesis


The Mason-Bees
Exchanging the Nests
More Enquiries into Mason-Bees
The Story of my Cats
The Red Ants
Some Reflections upon Insect Psychology
The Theory of Parasitism
The Tribulations of the Mason-Bee
The Leucopses

More Hunting Wasp

The Pompili
The Scoliae
A Dangerous Diet
The Cetonia-Larva
The Problem of the Scoliae
The Tachytes
Change of Diet
A Dig at the Evolutionists
Rationing According to Sex
The Bee-Eating Philanthus
The Method of the Ammophilae
The Method of the Scoliae
The Method of the Calicurgi
Objections and rejoinders

The Life of the Caterpillar [source: Eldritch Press]

Title's page and Contents
The Pine Processionary: the Nest and the Hatchingi
The Pine Processionary: the Nest, the Community
The Pine Processionary: the Procession
The Pine Processionary: Meteorology
The Pine Processionary: the Moth
The Pine Processionary: the Stinging Power
The Arbutus Caterpillar
An Insect Virus
The Psyches: the Laying
The Psyches: the Cases
The Great Peacock
The Banded Monk
The Sense of Smell
The Cabbage-Caterpillar

The Life of the Fly

The Harmas
The Anthrax
Another Prober (Perforator)
Larval Dimorphism
My schooling
The Pond
The Caddis Worm
The Greenbottles
The Gray Flesh Flies
The Bumblebee Fly
Mathematical Memories: Newton's Binomial Theorem
Mathematical Memories: My Little Table
The Bluebottle: The Laying
The Bluebottle: The Grub
A Parasite of the Maggot
Recollections of Childhood
Insects and Mushrooms
A Memorable Lesson
Industrial Chemistry

The Life of the Spider

The Black-Bellied Tarantula
The Banded Epeira
The Narbonne Lycosa
The Narbonne Lycosa: the Burrow
The Narbonne Lycosa: the Family
The Narbonne Lycosa: the Climbing-Instinct
The Spiders' Exodus
The Crab Spider
The Garden Spiders: Building the Web
The Garden Spiders: my Neighbour
The Garden Spiders: the Lime-Snare
The Garden Spiders: the Telegraph-Wire
The Garden Spiders: Pairing and Hunting
The Garden Spiders: the Question of Property
The Labyrinth Spider
The Clotho Spider
The Geometry of the Epeira's Web

The Wonders of Instinct

The Harmas
The Green Grasshopper
The Empusa
The Capricorn
The Burying-Beetles: The BurialL
The Burying-Beetles: Experiments
The Bluebottle
The Pine-Processionary
The Spiders. The Narbonne LycosaA, or Black-ellied Tarantula. The Burrow
The Banded Epeira. Building the Web
The Eumenes
The Osmiae - Theirs Habits
The Glow-Worm
The Cabbage-Caterpillar

Souvenirs entomologiques [txt and zip files, links to Project Gutenberg]

Bramble-Bees And Others
More Hunting Wasp
The Life of the Fly
The Life of the Spider


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